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This review was written for the EROTICA (2008) exhibition and really captures the essence of an AbFabParties experience:




For the most part, people seeking a little spice and adventure in their lives will spend a good part of their valuable day trawling through the world wide web; couples, single females and single guys wanting to explore their sexual boundaries, hoping to find a discreet and friendly meeting point, a clean and safe place to meet with others looking for similar experiences. Those lucky enough to find AbFabParties (and more and more people are) will leave their search engines behind for something rather more stimulating instead. AbFabParties is the rite of passage for most new and existing adult party goers with its once-experienced, never forgotten magic. It has become synonymous with adult parties with elan. It has also become a household name up and down the country amongst those in the swinging community who have never been completely satisfied with bland hotel meets offering little chemistry and heaps of disappointment.

Over the past 5 years, the AbFabParties party event which started as just a small intimate weekly gathering, has developed into the seductive, stylish erotic experience party of today. Anywhere from 100-200 people now attend each weekly event. The venue houses the most impressive pool and spa facilities, an enticing dungeon area and erotic sinema. When venturing into the venue, guests will encounter a house party feel, a home from home, a warm and welcoming vibe. These events cater for everyone interested in new experiences, for those keen on one-off anonymous party delights, others interested in adding to their party and play contacts and enhancing their existing erotic connections, and for those who just love to watch!

The AbFabParties hosts are wonderfully genuine and take the utmost care in introducing new guests to their party house. No one arrives without a warm welcome and a guided tour of what the venue has to offer. Quality touches such as free soft drinks and discounts for guests who introduce their friends have meant that visitors return again and again. Every nook and cranny of this Aladdins cave, from the multitude of themed open and private play rooms down to the changing facilities has been created for the sexually inquisitive and adventurous adult in mind. The venue is constantly being improved, new facilities always added and new parties always on the events calendar. That is why it seems the venue has built up such a great reputation. New faces appear each week in an ever-changing mix of party guests. Due to the large number of people who attend these parties, of all social backgrounds and age ranges, you are almost certain to click with someone compatible whether for just conversation or something more. Most new guests seem to adore the venue and the freedom of expression it allows. For some, the erotic parties are life-changing!

For the rest of the time, outside of the Friday and Saturday nights, the AbFabParties team are not idle. The venue, as large as it is, is kept scrupulously clean and tidy for its daily transformation into the Kestrel Hydro naturist spa: a meeting-place for like-minded people to socialise, relax and enjoy the impressive facilities. For those who party hard on a Friday or a Saturday, it is possible to return at lunchtime the following day, after a few hours of snatched sleep, to enjoy the ultimate naturist experience.

For one special and decadent day a month, the venue also hosts the hedonistic Heathrow Dungeon Zone party held on the second Friday of every month. This bold and brazen fetish/BDSM event attracts both the fetish enthusiast and those longing to explore what their particular fetish might be. All make more serious use of the purpose built dungeon equipment. The dungeon zone itself is mesmeric : atmospheric lighting and ethereal music combined with the outrageous, outlandish and out-there outfits, result in a surreal evening of wicked fun and devilish pleasure.



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